Yes i shot you “the bird”

1: you parked in front of the gas pump blocking my way to it
2: you stared at me the entire time you backed out then passed me
3: you bypassed three different exits from the store that all lead out to the same road just to fucking stare at me some more

Did i give any indication that i wanted you to stare at me? No. I just wanted you to move your beat up pos honda out of my way so i could pump my gas and get back to work.

I hate it whwn people sit next to me in fast food places
Especially when two seconda ago i jad the whole place to myself
I like to look around when im eating
Now i cant look that way
Cause youre sitting there
And i dont want you to think im looking at you


what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent

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when i die please punch everyone who says “i wish i got to know them better”

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one day i aspire to shop price high to low

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